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Maroon In a Sky of Blue by Girish Dutt Shukla

Forever is a frivolous illusion. All of us are in a constant struggle of trying to touch it despite being fully aware of its elusive nature TW: Depression, loss of loved one, road accidents, anxiety, lonely childhood, absence of a parent Maroon in a Sky of Blue is the story of twenty year old Onir, […]

Broken Crowns by Shawna Braswell

You always have a choice. Broken Crowns is set in a world divided by ruthless monarchs and comprising a public which has been suffering at the hands of its rulers. The story revolves around our two protagonists Emma and Elias,who find themselves entangled in a game of revenge, power and betrayals.  Emma leads a normal […]

Girl In White Cotton by Avni Doshi

I would be lying if I said my mother’s misery has never given me pleasure. This is the very first line of the novel Girl In White Cotton, by Avni Doshi which has made it to The Booker 2020 shortlist. This very first line gives you an insight of what this entire book is about, […]

Empire of Sand By Tasha Suri

One thing I have learned from all the reading is to never expect anything from a book beforehand. And so, except from the blurb, I knew nothing about the book before diving in. And even still, I was somewhere hoping for an action packed, dramatic, fantasy, and guess what, this book, is a love story. […]

The Wall by Gautam Bhatia

Once in a while, you come across a book which makes you question the very foundation your life has been built upon, the norms you have been following all your life. The Wall is just that kind of a book. It urges you to take a leap of faith. A leap beyond things no one […]

The Kitty Party Murder by Kiran Manral

The Kitty Party murder revolves around a woman bored of her routine life as a mother and home maker, and constantly struggling between her love for sweet and fried food and her increasing weight. Kanan, also known as Kay, is a woman in her thirties, with a naughty yet smart kid, a working and busy […]

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